An Industry Leader in Providing Human-Derived Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine

Currently, the availability of human-derived biomaterials for regenerative therapies and research is restricted due to lack of stable supply channels, subpar quality biomaterials, and high costs. Humabiologics has taken steps to tackle this problem by partnering with American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited tissue banks to preserve donated human tissue that was unsuitable for transplantation and use it to create native human-derived biomaterials for researchers to develop life-saving therapies. This approach is founded on treating the donated tissue with utmost respect and dignity, whilst always processing it under the most rigorous quality standards. By collaborating closely with academic and industry institutions, we can provide biomaterials that facilitate the development of translational medicine and bolster the future of regenerative medicine.

Our human-derived biomaterials are:


Our products can be used independently or in combination with other biomaterials for a broad range of applications in pharmacology, cell culture, and other life sciences fields. Our mission is to promote highly relevant research in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering that will facilitate the translation of medical discoveries from the lab to the clinic, resulting in substantial advancements in patient care.

Awards and Recognition

Fedex Small Business Grant Contest Finalist