Partner with Humabiologics to Support Your Translational Research and Innovative Therapies

Clinical Development
Our research & development team is equipped to conduct biomaterial and cell characterization studies, along with the ability to conduct physical and biological properties testing. Some of these collaborations include developing specialized human-derived biomaterials, including bioink formulations for 3D bioprinting, scaffolding materials for tissue engineering, and natural biomaterials formulations for various tissue manufacturing approaches.

Through these partnerships, we have helped researchers obtain clinically relevant results in the fields of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cancer research, drug development, and more.
Academic and Industry Partners
Humabiologics® recognizes the value of working with academic and industry partners to develop new biomaterials and technologies. Through partnerships with academic institutions and industry partners, we have been able to develop new biomaterials with unique properties that can be used in a variety of medical applications.

In addition to developing new biomaterials, partnerships with academic institutions and industry partners also allow us to stay at the forefront of biomaterials research and development. By collaborating with leading researchers, institutions, and industry partners, we are positioned to accelerate the development of translational research and empower tomorrow’s innovations.
Humabiologics® welcomes collaborative opportunities to develop special formulations of biomaterials derived from human tissues and organs. Our unique technology and expertise enable us to be a strategic partner in regenerative therapy development from research to clinical trials.
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