Research & Collaboration

Humabiologics, LLC works with various academic and industry institutions to develop and characterize biomaterial formulations from  human tissues and organs for specific regenerative therapies. We also provide native tissues and organs for research studies. Our R&D lab is equipped to conduct biomaterial and cell characterization studies. In addition, we have research and service agreements in Arizona with public academic labs including Arizona State University and have access to cutting edge equipment and research tools.

We welcome collaborative opportunities to develop special formulations of bio-materials derived from human tissues and organs to support a regenerative therapy from research to clinical trials. Our industry, academic, technology transfer, quality and regulatory expertise allow us to be a strategic partner to carry tissue-engineered products from research to clinical phase. Some of these opportunities include developing special bioink formulations for 3D bioprinting of human tissues and organs, scaffolding materials for tissue engineering tissues, natural biomaterial formulations for various tissue manufacturing approaches. 

Please, contact us if you would like to discuss how you can partner with Humabiologics to support your translational research and innovative therapies.